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Do I need to register before I shop for airline tickets on travel-waves.com?


What should I know before I buy an airline ticket on travel-waves.com's FLIGHTS section?
How do I book an airline ticket using FLIGHTS in travel-waves.com?
How do I know what restrictions apply to the ticket that I want to buy?
I'm residing outside India. Can I get tickets issued and delivered to my parents/friends/relatives
  within India?


What if I need to fly last minute?
Once I buy a ticket from travel-waves.com when can I expect to receive it?
Can I buy my airline tickets on travel-waves.com even if I stay outside India?
What if I loose my luggage or have a problem with the airlines?
I've forgotten my username and/or password - what should I do?


1. Do I need to register before I shop for airline tickets on travel-waves.com ?
Travel-waves.com invites all travelers to shop freely on our site. Should you choose to make a reservation, then you will be required to create a profile and register your personal information.  We will ask you to create a password in order to keep your information private and secure.  It will not be used for any other marketing or sales purposes.
2. What should I know before I buy an airline ticket on travel-waves.com's FLIGHTS section?

We accept Visa, MasterCard  and American Express for payment. In order to ensure delivery of your tickets prior to your departure, we cannot accept bookings for travel within 2 business days of departure date. 

Any schedule changes must be made before the original departure date. After the original departure date your ticket could be changed subject to the Airline policies and you will have to pay the necessary charges on a case to case basis.

To insure credit card security, all reservations must be made in the exact name of the person traveling. For international travel the name on the reservation must be exactly as it appears on the traveler's passport. Tickets can only be shipped to the billing address of the credit card holder on whose card the ticket was purchased.

If you need your tickets or confirmation documents mailed to an address other than that of billing address on your credit card, you must e-mail a request to our credit department at mailto:ticketing@travel-waves.com

3. How do I book an airline ticket using FLIGHTS in travel-waves.com?
You need to fill out your departure and arrival cities (or airport codes) in the form along with the departure date. The flight options closest to your requested itinerary will be displayed. You need to select the flights which most closely match your travel plans. It is important to select the same carrier on both legs of the trip, this will usually result in a lower fare. The price of the itinerary that you select will then be displayed. Select the most appropriate flight and complete the purchase by filling out the credit card details.

Once you have completed your reservation, you will receive your airline ticket via our courier company.

4. How do I know what restrictions apply to the ticketthat I want to buy?
If the ticket you wish to purchase is restricted, you have to abide to the contract you are entering into. Other regular flights may cost more, but they will allow you more flexibility to change your travel plans if needed.

It is important to consider all consequences before you buy a cheaper, restricted ticket

5. I am residing outside India. Can I get tickets issued and delivered to my parents/relatives/friends within India?
  Yes, you can. You can follow the normal booking procedures and give in your Credit Card details. Also give us the address and contact numbers of the people to whom you want the ticket to be delivered.
6. What if I need to fly last minute?
Please note it takes at least 2-4 days to get the ticket couriered to your contact address, once the flight is confirmed from our end. If you are located in Cities having airports, then it will take us 48 hours to pass on your ticket, and if you stay in Cities without airports, then we will be able to service you in 72 hours. If you need to fly last minute we will not be able to honour it. Kindly check at the airport airline counter directly.
7. Once I buy a ticket from travel-waves.com, when can I expect to receive it?

Please allow 2-4 days to receive through the mail. Once your credit card is charged, . You will receive a confirmation number immediately via email once the flight has been charged. Your ticket will be printed the next working day and sent to you via our courier service.

Please keep in mind that our reservation offices are open Monday through Saturday from 10:00am to 6:00pm Indian Standard time. Obviously tickets confirmed on Saturday will not be printed until Monday morning. Please use your judgement regarding the receipt of your tickets. If you have any additional questions, you may email us at mailto:ticketing@travel-waves.com

8. Can I buy my airline tickets on travel-waves.com even if I stay outside India?
  Currently travel-waves.com can only sell airline tickets for departure Ex-India. However we are working towards offering our services globally.
9. What if I lose my luggage or have a problem with the airlines?
Every Airline has got their own rules and regulations for Lost and damaged Luggage. Please report the loss to the customer staff of the particular airline at the airport before you exit. They will assist you within their guidelines
10. I've forgotten my username and/or password- what should I do? 
Send an e-mail to ticketing@travel-waves.com and be sure to tell us which password you need, i.e. FLIGHTS, HOTELS, CARS or CRUISES.  You will be e-mailed your username and password shortly thereafter.
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